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    Xi’an HuatengMicrowave Co., Ltd (HTMW) was founded in 1998, which is the Shaanxi High-techInnovation Company. The company obtained the Quality Management SystemCertification, GB/T19001-2000idt ISO90012000in August, 2004. Our development has been greatly supported by Science and Technology Plan from our country and province.

    Committing to the research development and production of related area of meteorologic radars, our companyis specialized in researching and producing RF low-phase-noise frequencysource, receiver system and various microwave active or passive units with profound technology accumulation.

     Xi’an HuatengMicrowave Co., Ltd has researched and developed more than 60 sets of S-band CINRAD receivers and frequency source for China Meteorological Administrationto arrange weather radar nets in our country. Meanwhile, the products have been exported to America, Rumania, India and South Korea. Furthermore, C/X-bandDoppler Weather Radar receivers, Wind Profiler Receivers for boundary layer and troposphere and their frequency sources have been produced for airports in ourcountry.

    Some similar products from Russia have been replaced successfully by the onboard navigation system developed in our company. Some troposphere detection radars, with respect toall-soli-state low altitude, low speed and small targets, developed independently by our company, played an important role for the security andprotection during the 60thAnniversary National Day Celebration in the capital, Beijing. X-band all-solid-state small Doppler weather radar, developed independently, has also been constructed in Chengdu University of Information Technology.

    Covering R&D area over 4000 square meters, our company is equipped by advanced test instrumentation. More importantly, there are quite a few technical elites in our company to provide strong warranty for the products research, development and production.  

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