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Talents Concept

As thecreator of the corporate value, the staff is a greatly significant element ofcore competence in Huateng. Their growth and company’s development are mutuallyelementary and promoting. The steadfast and earnest staff is welcoming. Moreover,innovative talents are more appreciated. We sincerely hope every staff coulddevote themselves into their work and create brilliant achievements in Huateng.Not only is a job, working here is also a career or a stage for everyone toutilize your own wisdom as well as challenge your imagination and creativity.Let’s fight in Huateng!       

 Talents Motivation

We established a management system of personnel recruitment according to therequirements of modern enterprise management system. The working procedures,including application, evaluation, offer, signing contracts and pre-training,are defined. Our salary management system was well established. In accordancewith the allocation principle of “Payment depends on amounts. More workdeserves more payment”, our staff’s remuneration are considered comprehensivelyrelated to their positions, work responsibility, capability, contribution andworking length, etc.

Performance-basedsalary system has been carried out in Huateng, salary are paid based onemployees’ positions. Focusing different working contents of various positionsand considering other factors with respect to staff’s capability and practicalworking performance, the employees will be paid, as well as given bonus at theend of the year according to their working performance to motivate and maximizetheir potentials. 

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