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“Auspicious Rain” Weather Radar has Opened up a New Application Model, “Weather of Construction Site”

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“Weather of Construction Site” is a specialized application system onmeteorological service which is customized for construction industry. It isprofessional, accurate, functional,convenient and safe. Supported by “Auspicious Rain” Weather Radar,the system can achieve the functions of weather and element tips, construction index, warning prompt and dual-network synchronization.

“Auspicious Rain” is the main series of weather radar products. Its professional was qualified by meteorological department. They are widely applied in weather fields mainly including blind area coverage, miniaturized networking and accurate weather forecast.

Cooperated with Fujingtiance, our company has assisted Housing Exposition themed as "Weather ofConstruction Site" and achieved expected aims.

Auspicious Rain” Weather Radar is at the Exhibition Stand

Display Interface of “Auspicious Rain” Weather Radar